Business and Industry in Dundee

The alone city-limits added arctic in the UK and beyond than Dundee is Aberdeen. Dundee itself is the fourth better city-limits in Scotland and its alive citizenry is active in a array of occupations aural some 4000 companies in and about the city. However, the individual better employer in the city-limits is the city-limits council, which employs some 10% of all the city’s workers. It was said at one time that Dundee was the city-limits of – The Three J’s. This alluded to the three basic industries in the city-limits getting Jute, Jam and Journalism. Like a lot of cities in the UK, its acceptable accomplishment jobs are disappearing. However, the city-limits has been actual proactive and acknowledged in alluring new and avant-garde technologies to accommodate addition application opportunities for its citizens.

Jute is a by itself occurring fibre that can be acclimated analogously to cotton. At one time Dundee was accepted as Juteopolis, such was its acclaim for the processing of jute and accomplish of bolt and captain bolt from it. In the mid 19th aeon some 50,000 humans were alive in the jute industry in Dundee. However, from the 1920s advanced cheaper jute articles from India signalled the end of the bang time in Dundee to the admeasurement that today there is no jute accomplishment in the city-limits at all. Dundee is recognised as the abode breadth marmalade originates from and after became a city-limits acclaimed for its preserves or jams. Apparently, in 1797 one Janet Keiller came beyond some Seville oranges in the anchorage bazaar that were about to ‘go off’ and devised a compound to bottle them. (However, recipes for attention oranges are accepted to pre-date this by at atomic 300 years.) Her son, James, went on to authorize the apple acclaimed Keiller’s preserves company, which now has its basic accomplishment abject in England. The journalism, or at atomic writing, is the alone one of the three ‘Js’ that still prospers to any amount in the city. The administrator D C Thomson, accustomed in 1905, employs some 2000 humans in the city. It is the aggregation abaft such able-bodied accepted titles as The Beano, The Dandy, The Sunday Post, People’s Friend and Shout amidst abounding others. Getting the home of the ‘Bash Street Kids’ and ‘Dennis the Menace’ the city-limits is, conceivably unfairly, aswell accepted as Comic Town. The publishing abode is in the Courier Architecture at Albert Square, off Milnbank Road, in the city-limits centre.

There is a actual able adventitious that anyone account this commodity will accept acclimated a artefact bogus by NCR, in Dundee, absolutely recently. NCR – National Banknote Registers – afar from accomplishment banknote registers for shops and stores, aswell accomplish a lot of of the ATMs, Automatic Telling Machines – or as they are frequently accepted ‘holes in the wall’, from which we access our money from banks and architecture societies. The aggregation is aswell complex in the accomplish of added accounts processing machines like ‘cheque’ readers and chump acceptance instruments. NCR is a all-around aggregation with an anniversary about-face of some $7 billions. Unfortunately, in 2007 NCR appear they are to backpack their ATM accomplishment action to Hungary in the abreast future. However, their Analysis and Development Centre, opened in 2001, will abide an important allotment of their operations in Dundee.

Employing some 800 humans the French endemic aggregation Michelin has a tyre accomplishment bulb at Dundee, which uses ‘clean’ electricity from wind turbines. Alive with the activity provider ‘Eotricity’, the aggregation gathers and uses some 8 actor KwH of electricity a year from the two wind turbines it has on site, which is about one third of the absolute activity needs for the plant. Michelin is the alone tyre accomplishment aggregation in Scotland and produces some 6.5 actor tyres a year in the city.

Whilst tourism is an important industry to the city-limits and the surrounding breadth it couldn’t, on its own, absolve or abutment the £500 actor currently getting spent on basic projects in Dundee. This investment is mainly fuelled by some new and key bread-and-butter sectors that are currently growing in the city. These cover agenda media, biotechnology and telecommunications. Dundee has been actual acknowledged in alluring agenda media companies to it. At present some 1500 humans are active in the city-limits in such companies, which accept a accumulated anniversary turn-over in balance of £100 million. Included in these companies is Realtime Worlds who aftermath the ‘Crackdown’ bold for the X-Box 360. Addition agenda media aggregation in Dundee is, Rockstar Arctic who accept produced amateur such able-bodied accepted amateur as Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. A new, £20 million, agenda media esplanade is getting complete in Dundee that is accepted to allure addition 1000 jobs in the industry to the city. Partly in affiliation with its universities the city-limits has one of the better analysis communities in Europe with, for example, over 2500 humans active in activity sciences analysis and development.

Sad to say but – a lot of Dundee cakes are not fabricated in Dundee!